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School Learning Plan

In the spring of 2021 we received the results from the Middle Years Development Index, OurSchool Survey, and the Student Learning Survey. We were taken aback with our students’ self-reported mental health was. They are reporting increased levels of anxiety and depression that surpass the Canadian average. Of course we hypothesized this outcome due to the pandemic, but we did not anticipate our students feeling so much worse than the Canadian average. Taking this into account, we expected to see a decline in academic achievement, but this is not the case. Our students have continued to perform on par with their district and provincial peers.

What is your team’s one common goal?

Our goal is to create a school community of reflective and resilient critical thinkers so they will have the ability to sort, assess, analyze, and synthesize information about themselves and the increasingly complex world they live in.

What is your ‘Theory of Action’?

If we create opportunities for students to sort, assess, analyze, synthesize and reflect on different kinds of information, then they will be able to

  • solve academic, ‘real world’ and personal problems;
  • make reasoned judgments and decisions about their learning;
  • justify decisions with reflection and reason.