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Course Selection 2021-2022

Principal's Message

Welcome to Pemberton Secondary and one of the most notable times of the year – course selection. Decisions regarding course options will be used to assist you in achieving your goals and setting your future direction. These decisions will be made over the next few weeks and it is essential for parents, guardians and students to carefully consider their options. This is the time for students to assess personal interests and strengths and develop both long and short-term goals for their future.


This booklet is designed to help students in the planning process. It contains course descriptions, graduation and post-secondary prerequisites and general program information. Please take time to read this information carefully and contact us if you require further information on grade and program requirements.


In order to maximize student opportunities and ensure transition goals are met, students must take a full complement of courses (nine courses for Grade 10 and 11, and nine courses and completion of Capstone in their grade 12 year). There are a number of course options available to students, particularly at the senior level. Some courses prepare students for post-secondary school entrance, others for vocational training, and still others prepare students for the workplace. Careful planning and informed decision making will help to ensure student success and direction.


Krista Brynjolfson


Counsellor's Message
The counsellor’s role is to assist students in exploring theirs interests and setting goals and to help facilitate academic planning in addition to supporting career exploration and vocational decision making.


Please take time to explore the course choices and access our services to discuss your future plans. It is our desire to assist each student in achieving their personal and educational goals. I look forward to working together with students and guardians and wish you all the best in your course selections.


Heather Quamme


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