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Ski, Board & Bike Academy / The Outdoor Program / French Immersion


Our Ski Board & Bike Academy is set to go second semester for grade 11 & 12 students. Please contact the office for more info or email [email protected].

The SBBA consists of 4 classes during 2nd semester: Ski/Snowboard & Mt. Bike, Active Living, Outdoor Education, Film & Photo Media, and BC First Peoples 12 (which is a social studies course).

The Ski/Board aspect involves 18 full days on Whistler with ski & snowboard instructors teaching students basic techniques, race techniques, jumps & rails, all-mountain freeride, backcountry safety, and instructional techniques.

At the end of the winter component, students will be able to receive their Avalanche Safety Training Level 1.

The Mt. Biking component will be of a similar format, focusing on the ‘enduro’ style trails around Pemberton with Whistler instructors.



The Outdoor Program

A Program for Grade 10 Students

This program is offered in the second semester of each school year.  Students taking this program will receive credit for four courses towards their graduation requirements.


The main purpose of this course and the philosophy behind it is to provide students with unique outdoor recreation experiences, promote healthy lifestyles, provide students the opportunity to develop teamwork and leadership skills and learn the importance of responsibility and accountability.  Outdoor skills will be acquired through the outdoor activities that students will participate in and the related classroom activities.


Here are some of the activities and areas that will be covered:


  • Avalanche Safety and Awareness (Certification Course)
  • Nordic (Cross Country) Skiing
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Orienteering (use of maps, compass and GPS)
  • Rock Climbing
  • River kayaking
  • Ocean Kayaking


  • Marine Charts and Navigation
  • Trip Planning
  • First Aid (Certification Course)
  • Wilderness Camping Skills
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Environmental Assessment and Land Use Issues
  • Wildlife Studies and Surveys


Certification Courses:

Students will have an opportunity to be certified in the following courses through taking the Outdoor Program:

  • Emergency First Aid (St. John Ambulance)
  • Companion Rescue Skills (Avalanche Canada)

For students to participate in this course they must have a willingness to work effectively with others and be able to follow directions and instructions.  Students should also enjoy outdoor activities, be willing to try new activities and be adaptable to challenging situations.  Students do not need to have had outdoor experience; getting outdoor experience is largely what the course is all about.


For more information, contact Boyd Hargitt at [email protected]




Required Courses:

Grade 8 & 9 (Sciences Humanités 8/9, Français langue 8/9, L’Art Dramatique 8/9, Cuisine 8/9)

French Immersion Dual Dogwood Requirements:
Grade 10-12 students must complete a total of six senior courses:.
● Français langue 10
● Français langue 11
● Français langue 12

Plus at least three Français langue options:
● Plannification 10 (for 2020 grads)
● Sciences Humaines 10 (for 2020 grads)
● Sciences Humaines 11 (for 2020 grads)
● Communication orale 12 (offered 2019/2020 school year)
● Études du cinéma et de la littérature francophones 11 or Médias et communication numérique 11 (*offered

For more information on the BC Ministry of Education requirements for French Immersion, please visit,per%20cent%20of%20instructional%20time.&targ