Recognition Letter for Pemberton Valley Supermarket

In communities across British Columbia, businesses support local groups in the form of programs and services to families.

For many families, the paycheck does not go as far as it used to and often there is little left for luxuries. Hardship is part of day-to-day living. Countless families can recall a time in their lives when they were not sure how they would manage through the week, the month, the year.

Usually in families, both parents need to work to afford the basics. Some families struggle in managing to pay for essentials. Imagine how hard-working parents feel when they do not have the funds to pay for their children to enjoy activities. They may feel sad and disheartened.

In Pemberton, we are fortunate to have a number of groups that support families in a variety of ways. One of these groups is the Pemberton Valley Supermarket.

Pemberton Secondary School would like to honour the Team at Pemberton Valley Supermarket for their tireless financial and food support for the students at Pemberton Secondary School.

What does the Pemberton Valley Supermarket do for Pemberton Secondary School? The list is long!  They donate food for a multitude of functions; they donate annual school supplies for students; they provide work experience positions that later develop into employment opportunities for students; they donate for graduation-related activities. Many of you may have seen the individual grad lawn photos that have become a new tradition for Pemberton Secondary covid friendly graduations. The Pemberton Valley Supermarket did not hesitate when we approached them for a donation.

At this special time of year, as we show gratitude for those who support families. We SHOUT OUT our appreciation to the Pemberton Valley Supermarket for the support we receive from your Team. You continue to put a big SMILE on the face of our school with your selfless giving.